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Jason Hope Talks About the Future of Social Networking Sites

Jason Hope is a futurist who has made a name for himself by predicting the future of technology. In this article, he talks about the three most important aspects of social networking sites that will be changing in the years to come. For the activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope, these changes include how we interact with others on these platforms, how we express ourselves, and how we connect with others. 

Jason Hope is always ahead of the curve when it comes to predicting the future of technology. One way that social networking sites will change in the future is how we interact with others on these platforms. Currently, Jason Hope adds, most interactions on social media are one-way. Users post updates and photos and then wait for people to like or comment on them. 

However, in the future, social networking sites will become more interactive. Users will be able to have real-time conversations with others on the platform, just as they would if they were talking face-to-face, Jason Hope points out. There is increased safety in online transactions; with social media platforms, this is amplified. We can be whoever we want to be when online and feel safer knowing that no one has our true physical identity. In the future, this veil of anonymity will continue to dissipate as people become more secure with their data being stored on social networking sites. 

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This means that users will start sharing more information about themselves on these platforms, leading to a more connected world. Social networking sites will also change how we express ourselves in the future. Currently, there are a lot of restrictions on what we can say on these platforms (LinkedIn). 

For example, Facebook has a set of guidelines called the Community Standards that dictate what is and isn’t allowed on the forum. In addition, social networking helps raise capital, and the process is easier with the platforms that have been developed. Entrepreneurship is a critical process for the growth of any economy, and social media has facilitated this growth like never before. For Jason Hope, the future of social networking will only make it easier for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and connect with potential investors.

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