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Jason Hope Supports Anti-aging campaign

The possibilities of technology in the current age are no longer something one can doubt. What may have looked an impossibility yesterday may no longer be an impossibility. Technology is changing almost on a daily basis, and it is changing almost every aspect of life. Application of technology is in everything including our health. There are major innovations made in the medical industry which have made treating come diseases such as cancer possible. Technology is now evolving and not just on the side of the development of treatment equipment but also in innovations of drugs. Biotechnology is making it possible for technology to be applied in areas which have never been thought before.

One of the major problems in the medical industry currently is that much of the research on disease is being done to find a way of treating the disease instead of working on working on finding the cause of diseases and treating it. As we know, as we get old, our bodies become weak and more susceptible to diseases. Old age is normally associated with a majority of diseases that affect human beings. It is at old age that people who had been healthy all their lives will start developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Cancer, arthritis among others.

So, it has become a concern of some people in the medical sector to try to find what happens when one gets old. If we can be able to find the cause or source of aging, we can slow it down or stop it. This way, there will be less likelihood that human beings will develop old age diseases. One of the ways through which this can happen is by developing a drug that will stop the aging process in a human being by performing tissues repairs in our bodies as we get old. There is ongoing research that is being done by an organization known as SENS Foundation. The organization is trying to invent an anti-aging drug.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and a tech enthusiast who is supporting this biotechnology research being done by this organization. He is hopeful that if the organization manages to come up with a drug that will slow down aging in human beings, this will be a great milestone in combating old age disease. People will grow old gracefully without having to go through numerous medical problems. Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to this organization to perform the necessary research. Jason Hope is from Arizona.

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