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Jason Hope Reveals How Wireless Technology Is Changing The Way We Travel

It is easy to see the level of innovation and technology that is growing in many different industrial areas, particularly in the way the so-called Internet of things is changing everyday activities like traveling by air.

Technology innovator Jason Hope has recently been explaining how wireless and Bluetooth technology can be used to keep a fleet of aircraft running at their maximum potential and to make the journey of any passenger as comfortable as possible.

Airline passengers will be happy to know every aspect of an aircraft is now monitored throughout each journey by airlines including Virgin Atlantic to make sure any under performing parts can be changed by mechanics as soon as the plane lands; a similar innovation sees an aircraft monitored inflight from the ground to keep fuel efficiency as high as possible and eventually lower ticket prices for passengers. In other areas the comfort of passengers will is be seen to increase as wireless beacons will allow a passenger to track their luggage from the moment it is handed over to an airline.

The work of entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope is largely located in the state of Arizona, but he has recently begun playing a major role in national politics throughout the U.S. in his bid to bring technological advances to the people of the world. Born in Arizona, Hope attended Arizona State University for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Jason Hope wishes to aid the development of the state of Arizona as a technology leader and in terms of the success of local communities; as a philanthropist, Jason Hope is interested in a range of humanitarian organizations that are looking to promote a healthier lifestyle for all people at any age.

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