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Jana Messerschmidt Brings Professionalism and Fervor to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jana Messerschmidt is a businesswoman from California. Her expertise cuts across technology and business. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois where she obtained a degree in computer science. Jana Messerschmidt has worked for some of the most influential companies in the world today.

Jana Messerschmidt’s role at a Silicon Valley Company

She currently works for Lightspeed Venture Partners as a core people in the company. Jana Messerschmidt joined the Silicon Valley Company after working for other companies for years. She has brought skills in marketing, sales, business development and engineering acquired from working at Netflix and Twitter.

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, she is known to offer insightful advice to the company’s clients to assist them to build their businesses. Since she joined this organization, she has also contributed to the restructuring of the company’s portfolio.

Jana Messerschmidt previous work experience

After graduating college, Jana Messerschmidt worked at DivX, Inc for two years. She rose to the position of senior manager in charge of global accounts. In 2007, SmartDrive Systems hired him as director of the company.

This professional has also worked for Twitter as the vice president of the company and was in charge of enhancing strategic partnerships. She was also the director of business development at America’s top media service provider. During her tenure at Netflix, she was in charge of supervising streaming partnerships.

Apart from working with various organizations, Jana Lightspeed established #ANGELS, an establishment commitment to assist women to venture in business. Through this business, she has been able to help women’s start-ups with ideas on how to restructure their enterprises.

Among the ventures, she has helped grow include CAMEO, COLOR, EERO, BIRD, and WINNIE. Jana Lightspeed has established herself in the business sector and is known to host some of the most influential events. Apart from helping women develop themselves, she also supports minority groups in society. She desires to have people get fair representation and opportunity.

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