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Jana Lightspeed and Automobile Tech

Jana Lightspeed knows that it takes a while to realize a good investment. She has realized the field of business is quite tough. After she has made these realizations she has seen that the world of business can move quite fast. This is quite true. Business can move fast and one must keep in touch overall with the latest movements to sense and be a part of the trend. If one doesn’t invest correctly, one can see that their investments may not appreciate properly.

That is why, Jana Lightspeed and nearly everyone involved in automobile tech is currently looking into this technology. Whoever is able to perfect it first may get an early head start into the sector, which would no doubt turn out to be profitable over the long term.

Tesla’s attempts at going after autonomous technology are not hidden from anyone. By marketing the potential ability of self driving as one of the unique selling points of its expensive cars, the company has made quite a fortune for itself in the recent past.

Google’s Waymo service seems to have perfected self-driving around shorter distances and on roads with comparatively less traffic. It has now taken its cars to public roads, showing confidence in the technology that it has developed as a MaaS service.

Whereas, Lyft is also chasing the self-driving dreams, to the point where the objective has become one of the core reasons why the service is attracting investors towards it.

And when it comes to Uber, the company is going all in on self-driving cars. Its direct competition in this aspect are the aforementioned Waymo and Lyft, the former of which seems to have reached a level of advancement that practically fulfills the dream of self-driving cars for everyone.

Remember, this is part of the future.

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