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It Has Just Been Announced That ZeroAvia Is the Recipient of a Major Award

It has recently been announced that the team at ZeroAvia has been named to the list of the world’s top 100 promising tech pioneers for the year of 2021. This is a list that is compiled annually by the World Economic Forum. It is a list that compiles the top technology-based companies that are making a major difference in fields that range from retail and the healthcare sector to the field of aviation.

It is within the field of aviation that the ZeroAvia team has been recognized for its groundbreaking work. The company is known as a leading innovator in the realm of zero-emissions aviation that is powered by hydrogen-electric technology. It was this work that helped to land ZeroAvia on this top 100 list made up of companies from six of the world’s continents.

Each year, the World Economic Forum puts together its technology pioneers list which focuses on companies that are within their early and growth stages. These are companies that have shown signs that they will make a dramatic impact on shaping the futures of the industries that they work in.

ZeroAvia is headed up by Val Miftakhov. He is the company’s founder as well as its chief executive officer. He has weighed in on the company’s inclusion on this prestigious list and noted that it is a tremendous honor. Miftakhov has also noted that he feels making the list is an acknowledgment of the major impact that ZeroAvia is making when it comes to the world of innovative technology. The company is committed to making a difference in the world and this honor is a form of confirmation that their work is getting noticed.

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