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Is Patrick Stewart Planning on a Star Trek Return?

Patrick Stewart not only is famous for his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films, he first achieved massive fame as Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Trekkies (like Bernardo Chua), rejoice. Stewart has gone on the record saying he would be willing to play the good Captain once again. He also used the standard response that he would definitely play the role provided the script is an excellent one.

14 years have passed since Stewart essayed the role of Picard in the last big screen Star Trek movie featuring the Next Generation cast.

Stewart truly does deserve a massive amount of credit for launching the Star Trek revival. As the original cast members aged, the Next Generation proved that the Star Trek universe could succeed with a new cast, crew, and approach.

How could the actor return to the role if the franchise has been rebooted and takes place in a different time stream? Let’s just say that the screenwriters will figure something out. An “alternate universe” Picard could show up.

Paramount knows fans who fondly remember Stewart’s outstanding turn in the Next Generation television series surely would flock to a film featuring him. Do not discount his return to the red suit. He’ll be back in it one day.


Nola says:

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