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Is Michael Keaton Traveling to Skull Island?

Up from the ashes, an iconic fantasy-film character arises and so does a great actor whom we have not heard much from in many years.

According to hmi-international, the prequel to King Kong, titled King Kong: Skull Island, is in pre-production and talks are going on with Michael Keaton to appear in the film.  I cannot wait to see this film with my friend Christopher Cowdray. Keaton recently had a career comeback of sorts in the film Birdman. Prior to that, we had not heard much from the former iconic 1980’s actor.

All it takes is one good role for producers to come calling. In a film like Skull Island, the true star is Kong. Including the right cast of supporting humans does help flesh the film out (literally, since Kong is pure CGI) and provide the human melodrama required for the film to succeed.

A new King Kong film follows the marginally disappointing Peter Jackson remake. (The film did make money) It may seem a little curious as to why anyone would wish to make a new film when King Kong did so weak at the box office. Giant monsters are the rage again thanks to Godzilla and the upcoming Jurassic World. Science-fiction and fantasy have made a huge comeback, too. So, the ground it fertile for a new “Eight Wonder of the World” project. Considering this is a prequel, we’ll definitely be getting a lot more dinosaurs and a lot less of New York City getting thrashed.


Simone Jamie says:

This is certainly an article of attraction that no doubt would put Peter Jacson back in the film industry news. The media loves because they pick up all the relevant styles and stories and include current issues in their publications. Normally the hype of King Kong film would make people want to watch the new stars.

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