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Improve Your Safety with A New Premium Protect Feature on Citizen App

The Citizen App has introduced a new feature called Protect. While the app has always helped people stay safe and avoid crime, it’s now rolling out its first paid tool. After asking users to prove they are confirmed by showing identification before allowing them to create an account, the app offers a monthly subscription service for people who need more protection than a standard Citizen profile. The premium service will allow people to alert authorities in real-time of their location and status with just a tap on their phone screen.

Using crowd-sourced content, Citizen App notifies its clients of any security threats within their locality. The company also offers clients a variety of other services to help them further protect their assets, including the ability to request personal security guards to patrol their property at any given time.

In addition, the app has been widely praised for its safety tips and anti-crime tips. From the app’s tagline: “Think ahead and prepare.”

Unfortunately, the Citizen App safety feature has been criticized negatively as promoting vigilantism in emergencies.

A user can easily activate the Protect feature by pressing a “get agent” button.

Citizen App has yet to provide adequate privacy safeguards, which could allow abusive users to use the service for fraudulent or criminal means.

The app does not provide adequate privacy safeguards for the users who wish to maintain their anonymity. While it claims that it is a “private by default” service, it lacks proper verifications of user IDs and phone numbers. At the time of writing, the app is available for download on iOS.

Protect Safety Agents are former law enforcers and highly trained medical experts.

Essential to note a safety agent is assigned after a person has subscribed to the service. The safety agent will appear as an icon on the user’s screen. If a user presses the “get agent” button on their screen, an agent will quickly jump into action. The agents are available 24/7. These agents are trained in how to manage emergencies and deal with various types of threats. Go to this page for more information.

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