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IM Academy

IM Academy is a digital educational provider that offers essential Forex trading skills. IM Academy educates its students in the domain through live content facilitated by a vast library of information.

IM was founded in 2013 by Chris and Isis, two Forex experts. They aimed to introduce an online platform with a subscription-based model, offering easily accessible Forex education. IM Academy’s goal was to provide training to help subscribers develop the skillset needed for trading. The organization has grown significantly, boasting nearly 225,000 active users who can benefit from its interactive services.

IM Academy has always emphasized a remote working model and leveraged this to its advantage by conserving costs on office space and other real estate expenses. This enabled them to prioritize hiring the most talented staff without geographic boundaries and commit their resources toward achieving their educational mission. As a result, IM Academy could adjust seamlessly to the extraordinary circumstances created by Covid 19.

IM Academy offers four distinct training programs via its website that can be accessed easily by customers or IBOs. Each program comprises goLive sessions to help students apply their learnings to real-world scenarios. The videos present a fundamental understanding of Forex trading, IM video lessons, and the principles behind it. While they help learn the basics, most learning happens through the interactive goLive sessions.

The GoLive sessions are conducted by IM Educators in 13 languages over different days and times, providing students with access to learning material at any time zone. Each session lasts one hour and allows students to join in an interactive discussion with the educator while having the ability to ask questions. Additionally, a library of recorded modules is available for each academy, which can be accessed using IM mobile application. Students must satisfactorily complete the quiz at the end of each learning module to proceed through the next module.

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