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IM Academy, Digital Forex Education Online

IM Academy is the most reliable online trading school, teaching forex and digital currencies to the beginner level. Success rates are high and continue to climb as they refine their curriculum and provide additional resources for success. Their experience shows that anyone can learn how to trade successfully using their step-by-step approach.

They also offer a unique program created exclusively for traders in the United States who want to get licensed with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). With this program, traders can obtain their licenses from home in less than three months, study less, and avoid long, costly commutes.

IM Academy uses the latest technologies to convert the curriculum for students and provide state-of-the-art training tools, putting students at ease as they learn the trade. It provides a license you can use. They have been “proving it over and over again” for years. Their program was developed by an international forex trader and licensed broker in Canada who has taught thousands of students through a global network of schools specializing in providing these courses.

IM – Academy provides various virtual tools for traders to aid their learning process. Tools include videos, audio, webinars, articles, GoLive Classes, and Direct Access to Instructors. They offer a complete training program that takes students from the basics of forex trading to higher levels of success. According to a recent study of their graduating students, the success rate is about 75%. Those who complete the course receive a Diploma in Forex Trading. Also, those who get a job after completing the program receive a certification from the state where they are employed.

IM Academy provides learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom. Forex trading is more than simply learning how to trade; it’s about transforming yourself into a professional trader who can make a living. IM Academy gives you the tools needed for this transformation so that you can develop your skills and become an expert trader capable of making money consistently. For Android users, visit this app, for additional information.


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