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iFunding Innovation In Crowd Based Real Estate Financing

The real estate sector is a very lucrative and very expensive business venture. However this has changed since the creation of iFunding a crowd based funding system. iFunding offers an opportunity to accredited investors to submit their bids where they are offered an opportunity to invest as little as 5000 $ with guaranteed results. After registering and using crowd funding it has been able to pool resources from different investors accumulating those funds to construct houses and homes which are then sold realizing profit for the individual investor.

The FAQ shows that becoming an investor with iFunding is very easy since you will link up via the internet. You can download an application for iFunding at Google application store popularly known as ‘play store’ for free. Since the financial crisis banks have been very reluctant to offer funding for projects and generating loans for individuals to take part in the real estate sector. iFunding has partnered with other investors to build eye catching buildings such as the Memorial Drive Development that raised over 3.2 million dollars over a very short span. Transparency is everything and iFunding takes it very seriously monitoring its investments from inception up to completion. Before committing your funds to iFunding an investor is explained in detail about the investment opportunity and the benefits that may accrue after completion. With iFunding one is able to sign up and invest via their mobile phones.

William Skelley is an investment guru having previously worked with leading financial institutions such as Pallas Global which is a renowned real estate finance bank. Using his remarkable skill in real estate he was able to create a platform that linked accredited investors to invest nominal amounts of money into large scale projects. He has dealt with various clients over the years and undertaken advisory positions in projects worth over 2 billion dollars. The company Twitter exemplifies how he believes in transparency and undertakes all iFunding projects personally giving the investors their monies worth.

He is accredited with coining the concept of real estate crowd funding in 2012 when he founded iFunding. William Skelley was named as a member of ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders in January 27, 2016. This came as an accreditation to his efforts to evolve the commercial real estate sector. Being a professional in the real estate sector he is set to appear in The Stoler Report that will air in mid 2016 focusing in the development of the real estate sector.

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