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Ian King, The King Of Cryptocurrency Writing

Cryptocurrencies are more popular today than they’ve ever been in the past. While more people are beginning to research and write about them, there’s still tons to be learned about cryptocurrencies, as society collectively knows infinitely less about digital currency than traditional financial markets.

Thanks to adventurous, inquisitive individuals, writers and researchers are helping drive interest in cryptocurrencies, as well as a more intimate understanding of the field to help investors make better decisions.

Cryptocurrencies Are Difficult To Understand, But Why?

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in early 2009. Even today, no cryptocurrency has truly been adopted on a widespread scale. Although some businesses accept them as payment, no nation or government readily takes them as payment, unlike traditional, paper, fiat currencies we’re so accustomed to using.

Cryptocurrencies only started to become reasonably popular a few months ago. Further, most industries don’t reach maturity until a “bubble” pops, meaning the value of all stocks in such causes falls significantly.

According to Bitcoin, Ether, and other digital currencies have experienced some degree of price issues, though no true speculative bubble has formed and popped. As such, there’s still plenty of time to go before these cryptographically-backed assets become accepted by bodies around the world.

Just as companies related to the Internet were difficult to gauge the performance of twenty years ago, the same can be said for cryptocurrencies.

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The Background Of Crypto And Finance Writer Ian King

Ian King is known reasonably well around the entire Internet for his research and articles regarding cryptocurrencies, recognition that will only grow as time goes on, as more of his pieces are published on increasingly reputable sites.

He’s had over 20 years in analyzing financial markets outside of cryptocurrency, along with trading financial instruments of all kinds.

Mr. King contributes high-quality pieces to Investopedia related to cryptocurrencies, and posts every week to Banyan Hill Publishing’s Sovereign Investor Daily. He is also working towards making a course that revolves around trading popular cryptocurrencies and giving advice related to getting the most from investment trading.

Mr. Ian King first started his career as nothing more than a simple receptionist for the likes of Salomon Brothers in its mortgage bond trading division according to After working for a few years there, he started selling credit derivatives at Citigroup, then moved on to a decade-plus career with Peahi Capital as the leader of options trading at its New York location.


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