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Hughes Marino Expounds on The Benefit of Culture in Business

Every company has a culture they follow while undertaking the day’s tasks. How things get done and the relationship between the whole team matter significantly to the business’s success. The culture at Hughes Marino Company is exceptional. The CEO and the team members have developed a culture where they interact more like family than workers and employers. 

Over the years, the company has constantly looked for ways to enhance its culture. As a result, the firm’s culture was featured in the book of Joe Calloway, one of the world’s most renowned business coaches and author. According to the CEO, Hughes Marino Company is transformed by its culture, which makes it stand out in a highly competitive industry. 

In most construction and other related fields, brokers compete within one company. In the representation company, experts and brokers work together harmoniously. This means the Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation company provides unique services tailored to the client’s needs.

To succeed in business, the company should strive to keep positive culture alive. At Hughes Marino, this can be achieved by hiring a competent team. No matter the time or resources used to fill a vacant position, a company shouldn’t compromise on hiring (Twitter). 

When interviewing, the hiring team should look for a person that embodies its culture and environment. Another way to maintain a positive culture is by recognizing and appreciating workers for jobs well done. This makes them feel recognized, which pushes them to work harder. The Hughes Marino industry management also enriches their teams’ lives by celebrating birthdays, organizing fun games, and bringing business coaches to inspire the employees.

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