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Hughes Marino: A sale-leaseback transactions Consultant

Hughes Marino is an expert and investor in sale-leaseback transactions and brokerages. Since he started venturing into the industry, he has brought a positive impact and revolutionized the industry. To succeed and navigate the sale-leaseback transactions industry effectively, he started by doing away with the traditional and outdated way of running sale-leaseback transactions operations. 

He has helped several landlords and sale-leaseback transactions owners with negotiations, mergers, and acquisitions, contributing to his fast growth in the industry. Having been in the sale-leaseback transactions industry for decades, Hughes Marino has risen to greater ranks as a renowned person in the industry. 

Several people look forward to his help and support in the industry because of his unmatched expertise. Having established himself in the sale-leaseback transactions sector, Hughes Marino decided to establish a company that he would use to oversee operations. Marino collaborated with his wife to develop the Marino sale-leaseback transactions company.

This, with Jason Hughes serving as the firm’s CEO & Chairman and Hughes Shay taking the role of the President & COO. The firm was a family business which made running operations easier (Instagram). 

The buyer and tenant representation company’s goal was to serve its customers and ensure their interests were protected. Hughes Marino advises young and upcoming entrepreneurs to be major in innovation and create businesses that provide lasting solutions to customers. Also, building a lasting relationship with your customers is essential because they are your business’s leading promoters.

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