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Hugh Jackman is Truly Superhuman

Hugh Jackman is a world famous actor, and his role as wolverine has made him legendary. However, Hugh Jackman is not only known worldwide for his amazing acting skills, but he is also known for his tremendous physique. Huge Jackman has one of the best bodies that Hollywood has ever seen. The 46-year-old actor is in miraculous shape.

Huge Jackman is not a normal man, and that is obvious because of his latest feat. Recently, it was announced that Hugh Jackman joined a distinct club. The actor is one of only a few hundred men that have ever dead lifted over 1000 pounds. Boraie Development suggests that professional bodybuilders and powerlifters haven’t even reached this level of strength, but Hugh Jackman is truly a superhero.

For his last “Wolverine” film, Hugh Jackman sought out help from none other than the Rock. The Rock gave Hugh Jackman a lot of advice on how to increase his strength gains. However, many people feel that the Rock and Hugh Jackman shot up a ton of steroids and lifted heavy weights at the gym. One look at the Rock’s body, and it’s obvious that he is not natural. It seems that Hugh Jackman has followed in the Rock’s footsteps. Congratulations to Hugh Jackman and his superhuman strength. For more information on this story, ABCNews.

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