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How To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp, Excess Oil, & Hair Breakage

Ladies are you losing a few strands of hair during every shower? Is your scalp feeling a bit oily? Maybe your hair has been splitting and breaking? If this is the case then you could be in some serious trouble. Whatever your doing health maintenance wise, is destroying your delicate locks of love. There is one thing about women that every one will agree with is that they wash their hair way too often. Anything over three times a week is over kill, literally. Over washing strips the hair and scalp of moisture. After it gets stripped, guess what happens? The production of excess sebum. This can be a nasty combination if not taken cared for.

You need gentle cleansing action when washing as well as cutting back on the wash sessions; for your hair of course. Also the climate you live in affects your hair. Cool climate creates flatter, less buoyant hair with a dull color tone. Warm and humid climates will create frizz and afros. It’s just the nature of the beast and there is nothing we can do about mother nature, but there are some great products on the market to weather the storm, “no pun intended.”

Celebrity Hairstylist Chaz Dean and his revolutionary Haircare Line known as Wen hair by Chaz is the better route to go. Ladies, if you want to maintain your curls and crimps the right way, WEN by Chaz has a formula just for you whether it’s a pomade, spray, cream. mousse, shampoo, or conditioner. The finest of ingredients are used in these products and the formulas ( are blended to perfection. Chaz Dean has the skill, knowledge, know-how, and capabilities to bring your hair back to life. Throw away those dangerous sulfates and cut back on the hair washing while combining (WEN) into your daily routine.

For more info, visit the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter account. Also check out the brand’s Wikipedia page.

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