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How Rick Shinto and Penelop Kokkinides Are Changing The Landscape Of The Healthcare Industry

Every company in the Healthcare industry should focus on actually caring for its clients. It is essential for the well-being of the consumers. The respect and honor involved in producing a life-saving product are unfathomable. This culture in any healthcare institution has to start from ground zero. Leaders in the healthcare industry carefully shape up the companies in order to focus more on the consumers than the profits they make out of it.



An example of such a firm is InnovaCare Health which is based on the principle of focusing on customers. Currently, it is a common name in the Healthcare Industry. The company is led by the renowned CEO Rick Shinto and the passionate Penelope Kokkinides who hold the position of the Chief Operating Officer in the institution. They have witnessed growth at an exponential rate and are expanding aggressively throughout the country. The firm is dedicated to providing top quality medical plans proving to be beneficial and economical for millions of people. Currently, the company has over 7,500 providers. Check out Crunchbase for more.



With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Rick Shinto is also a successful entrepreneur who holds an MD. He has worked in various firms and recently was the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Ernst & Young due to his excellent contributions to the industry and the society as a whole. He was one of the 140 nominees for the award which recognizes leaders in diverse market spaces. The company was at its peak when Rick was honored with the award. He is an inspiration for the young generation of entrepreneurs due to his ability to devise creative and innovative plans which lowered the financial burden of the patients also positively affecting their care at the firm.



Penelope Kokkinides is the other pillar holding up the firm. As a COO her contributions to making major decisions and devising plans has been enormous. She had industry experience of two decades before she joined InnovaCare. She has extensive knowledge about the workings of Medicare and Medicaid plans. She served as the Execute Vice president for Centrelight Healthcare before she started working for InnovaCare. She believes that her success is purely the result of countless hours of research and in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry. You can visit




With Rick and Penelope working together, they have managed to come up with innovative and leading solutions to the market that focus on quality rather than quantity. For an instance, the company started refining the payments solutions in Puerto Rico by enforcing the LAN from HHS. This step increased the efficiency and quality over the existing payment models leading to alternative options.


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