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How ORM Is Critical To Your Business

Online reputation management is critical to a business. ORM is how you manage your brand when it comes to personal mentions, ratings or reviews on the internet. You also use the information to create business strategies that make the most of your brand and its public reputation. If you haven’t yet delved into the science of ORM, don’t think that others haven’t either. Most likely your business has a reputation out there—you just haven’t seen it yet.

So just how important is ORM? A recent study done by TripAdvisor1 showed that over 90% of business people considered online reviews as one of the most important factors to choosing that travel service. Part of the reason for the importance of ORM is because for the buyer, it is the most convenient way to gather quotes on a service or product, without leaving the comfort of their own computer, laptop or smartphone. They can enter what they want in a search and get thousands of options to browse. The fact that each of these options comes with public backing is what makes ORM so important.
Managing your ORM can benefit your business in numerous ways. It can help to improve your overall marketing strategy and help you form your materials more effectively. It also can help you to optimize your operations. If you get two complaints on one central topic, it’s time to look at that topic and find out why it isn’t meeting customer’s expectations. ORM also can give you a heads-up over your competition. Remember that the market is highly competitive and having ways to set yourself apart is critical to your business success.
One of the best ways of managing successful ORM is to use technology. There are many tools out there that will put you in touch with every new post submitted by a customer. You can reach out to those who give you compliments and work with those who don’t. Opening the door of communication is vital to improve your ORM. If you are looking to truly maximize your business, then you have to look at your reputation and how you are perceived by the public.


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