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How Entrepreneur Laerte Codonho’s Innovative Concept Helped Build A Global Brand

Creating and operating a company with a long track record of success takes a lot of work. Entrepreneur Laerte Codonho is an example of someone who has been able to achieve a lengthy amount of success. Codonho is the creator of Dolly, a Brazilian soft drink manufacturer. 


Dolly is the first Brazilian soda company to create a diet soda drink. The innovative concept allowed Dolly to become successful during its initial launch. The soft drink was popular all over Brazil, quickly receiving national recognition. Thanks to the success of the initial launch, Codonho decided to create the Dolly Guarana, a soft drink made from guarana fruit. There is a large segment of the market in Brazil that enjoys beverages made from guarana. Dolly soon became one of the leading soft drink producers in Brazil(Istoedinheiro). 

Codonho’s Commitment To Marketing 

Dolly grew its fan base through creating quality products that left customers satisfied. Codonho notes that Brazilian law prohibited the sale of diet soda while he was brainstorming ideas for Dolly. Codonho did some research on how successful Dolly could be.  Laerte Codonho notes that Dolly has several laboratories that allow the company to test every product before it is released to the public. Codonho says that the company evaluates the materials used to design the drink to ensure that the products are safe. There are also daily taste tests to ensure that every bottle of Dolly meets the quality taste standards. 

Codonho has also created several marketing campaigns to help appeal to consumers. One of the most popular marketing plans was his idea of creating Dollynho, the company mascot. Dollynho is a walking bottle of soda. Dollynho has become a popular figure in Brazil and other parts of South America. Dollynho has been used to promote the company over the internet, as well as during different media appearances. 

Codonho’s success with Dolly proved that he could handle the day to day aspects of running a successful company. Codonho looks forward to watching how the company does as the global economy continues to evolve. 

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