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How Does IM Academy Offer the Skills to Successfully Trade in Forex?

Forex experts Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry were co-founders of a small online platform start-up in 2013. The group of independent entrepreneurs had a vision of accessible Forex education under a subscription model. After eight years, IM Academy has approximately 225,000 active subscribers. The corporation hires top-quality talent without geographical restrictions since it’s a global company. The academy continues to educate its subscribers through the online website base of the model. The four main academies cost $234. People pay $174 per every following month.

Learning modules or academies are the core products of IM Academy and consist of four different training programs. Each video module includes videos explaining how Forex trading works and how to apply the video lessons to real trading. Live online sessions allow students to use the videos in real-life situations. They last about an hour and accommodate different time zones. Students have unlimited access to IM educators, and each learning module ends with a quiz.

The first course is the FRX Academy, which explains the basics of the foreign currency exchange. The 76 modules cover forex and how to navigate the markets. The HFX Academy explains high-frequency exchange. The 95 modules cover high-frequency exchange and analysis methods. The DCX Academy explains digital currency exchange and trading in DCX. The 25 modules discuss blockchain and market volatility. The ECX Academy shows how to build online businesses. The 450 modules explain e-commerce, selling online and types of marketplace options. The academies follow the same structure with quizzes and live interactive sessions following the videos.

IM Academy has specialized, higher-level classes that students can access anytime during a subscription. There are ten add-on strategies and three add-on apps that students can access. Four of the ten optional strategies are available with the basic academies. None of the three mobile phone apps are available with the basic academies. The Elite Academy bundle is an initial $324 and $274 each following month. Please click here for additional information about IM Academy.

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