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How Bhanu Choudhrie Mastered His Credible Investment Skills

Bhanu Choudhrie is an Indian strategic investor that has built a brand in the strategic investment industry over the years. Born in June 1978, the C&C Group founder has achieved more than many older investors. His aggressiveness and expertise in the sector are top rated. Bhanu’s investment interests revolve around banking, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. The talented businessman has also achieved significantly in the utilities, aviation, and real estate industries.

His contribution to the upcoming companies by helping them understand the market is admirable. Bhanu Choudhrie has won a reputation from mature businesses through offering guidance on the ways of achieving their investment goals. His heart goes to Boston University for sharpening the skills that help him survive in the competitive world. The International Business and Marketing training he acquired from the institution is the recipe of his unmatched success. The Harvard School of Business fine-tuned his expertise after graduating from Boston through the Owner Management Program.

The C&C Alpha Group opened its first office in 2001 paving the way for Bhanu Choudhrie to face the industry more professionally. The company has gained from the sectors through significant and profitable investments. India and the Philippines are some of the markets that the company has made successful investments. The leadership skills of Choudhrie have attracted other players in the market that seek his services in their executive boards. Bhanu serves Bancorp that operates from America as a member of both the Risk and Executive committees and Board of Directors.

Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation benefited significantly from the services of Bhanu Choudhrie as a Director. He also sat in the Compensation, Executive, and capital committees. His contribution to the Nominating as well as Audit and Governance committees before Ameris purchased the company in May 2018 were remarkable.

Besides acquiring the investment skills from the University, Choudhrie grew up in a family that specialized in business, starting with the real estate. The early exposure to the industry contributes to his confidence in trying out new investment strategies. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the family had invested in different sectors, and he follows in the same direction. He pointed out in an interview that his great grandfathers had interests in India’s Punjab National Bank with one of them serving as a Chairman in those days.

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