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How Andrey Andreev Became The King Of Relationship Apps

Andrey Andreev is a London, England-based entrepreneur. Born in Russia, he has launched multiple companies over the years including multiple relationship apps. These apps have been used by more than 500 million people around the world. He created Magic Lab which is the umbrella organization for all of his businesses. He owns the biggest relationship apps in the world. The first of these is Badoo which now has more than 425 million users. Andrey Andreev founded this app in 2006. In 2014, he provided the money and structure to launch Bumble. 

This app has more than 55 million users. He founded Chappy in 2017 which is a dating app that provides a safe space for gay people to date. In 2018, he founded Lumen which is a dating app targeted at people in their 50s and older. He announced that Magic Lab would be spending $100 million to launch more relationship apps (Globaldatinginsights). 

The money will be spent to identify innovative entrepreneurs and product visionaries. It will support these people and their ideas on ways to bring people together. He will incubate startups and pay for their marketing. Andrey Andreev says that he will personally review all ideas that are submitted to Magic Lab. He will provide some of the applicants with an opportunity to meet him in person and discuss possibly partnering on their idea.

He was born in Moscow. Both of his parents were scientists which helped ignite his interest in science and technology. He grew up getting a lot of technology-related toys to play with. Andrey Andreev planned on pursuing a degree at the University of Moscow but quickly dropped out. He instead moved to Spain and started traveling around Europe because he wanted to see the world. You can find more information at Businessinsider articles reviews about Badoo´s or all his dating apps figures. 

He founded his first company in 1995 which was Virus. This was an e-commerce site on which Russians could buy computers and related accessories. Andrey Andreev sold this company two years later and used the money to pay off his traveling expenses. He started two more technology firms before launching his first dating app and not looking back.

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