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How Alexis Kennedy Brought Dreams to Life in the Game World

Cultist Simulator, an Alexis Kennedy game, is a fantasy narrative set in a whimsical, often mysterious and scary world. Life in this world mimics life in the real world, as actions cause reactions and carry consequences. Gamers can be and do anything their hearts desire, from wreaking havoc on the lives of people that have wronged them, to finding love, getting married, and living a life of indulgence with a conceptualized family. But where would the fun in that be?

There are old Gods and forbidden secrets to behold in the Cultist Simulator game. Gamers can choose their skillsets, perfect their crafts, and draw cards to decide their fates. But every card reroutes the course of their in-game life, so gamers never really know what might happen next. No single gameplay experience is like another.

Alexis Kennedy has written a fantastical, and oft-times romantic or morbid, game in Cultist Simulator. Founded in 2017 via a 300-percent backing on Kickstarter, the game has since been nominated for several awards, like the Develop Star Award for best game design and BAFTA award for game innovation and debut.

Where can you play Cultist Simulator?

Gamers can download the indie favorite from the App Store, Google Play, Humble,, and GOG. It’s also available on STEAM, where gamers can watch others’ reviews before deciding to play Cultist Simulator themselves.

Info About Alexis Kennedy, a Dynamic Game Designer

Headquartered in London, England, Alexis Kennedy is a British-born indie game designer and creative director who wears many hats of his chosen profession. Owner of Weather Factory, a game design and development studio, Kennedy began his career with Fallen London in 2009. Other projects that he has successfully completed include Machine Cares in 2012, Dragon Age: The Last Court in 2014, and (of course) Cultist Simulator in 2018.

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