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Home Based Business: Traveling Vineyard

If you happen to love wine and have a keen interest in business, then there is one business perfect for you, The Travelling Vineyard. It is a fun job to do, and it can be done from the comfort of your very own home. From the company’s name, it is easy to guess that they deal purely with wine and products related to wine.

In order to be part of this business venture, one must join the company and first be a wine guide. This is a step that all new members to pass through before they can start earning. When one starts earning it is the compensation plan that determines the amount one will have to earn. You receive payment three times a month. This is done on specifically set days, which is usually 35% of your generated orders.

Participating in The Traveling Vineyard has quite a number of benefits for its members. Such benefits include flexibility of the venture. As a wine guide, one gets to set up his or her own schedule and can work from home. This means one can create a schedule that allows personal time to handle personal issues. Another benefit is the financial reward that comes from doing the job, which unlike most jobs is fun to do. The venture also creates strong bonds among the employees as they gather to participate in such activities as wine tasting. In a way, the venture is a social business.

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One way the company tries to promote their wine is through wine tasting parties. To throw a proper wine tasting party, one ought to know what wines are to be tasted and decide which foods would pair best with said wines. It is also important to know how to go about wine tasting and how to classify the various brands of wine from their taste and texture.


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