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Herbalife Nutrition Continues to Make an IMPACT

The purpose of Herbalife is to lead a happy and active life. The company sponsors famous athletes, teams, and events worldwide. Herbalife offers healthy products and creates targeted nutrition and weight management programs for every athlete.

Herbalife Nutrition’s Newest Basketball Center

The premier global nutrition company has agreed to form a partnership with IMPACT Basketball for two years and renamed the well-known facility in Las Vegas. The primary objective of this is to bring personalized nutrition to basketball players while making the world healthier day by day. The players also have access to the training facilities in Sarasota, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and in Las Vegas, Nevada and Herbalife24 NSF Certified for Sports product line.

Herbalife has a team of sports nutritionists that will provide customized nutrition plans to dedicated athletes to help them step up their game by providing the proper nutrition and to finish strong during high intensity and rigorous training sessions.

The company’s partnership greatly impacts the players and it also benefits the trainers at their existing facilities through their upgraded online programs. Their online programs include nutritional blogs and videos that can help change a lifestyle.

Youth Basketball Clinic

Research shows that children who are active in sports tend to have high academic achievement and continuously develops skills, time management, and teamwork. Joe Abunassar the founder of IMPACT held a basketball clinic with former NBA player and professional basketball coach for young aspiring players.

Former NBA player Patrick O’Bryant and former Head Coach for Cleveland Cavaliers Tyronn Lue were there during the opening event. Patrick O’ Bryant spent 13 years playing for popular NBA teams such as the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, while Tyronn Lue is a former player of the LA Lakers for almost 11 years now along with seven other NBA teams.

The local students had the chance to experience a professional and high-level training at such a young age. Patrick O’ Bryant and Tyronn Lue gave several coaching tips, on-court practice drills, and conditioning in order for the students to stay active and healthy.

Aside from learning about nutrition, the players also get to develop skills on the court and see what they are really capable of. The court is acknowledged as the premier destination for basketball players with more than a hundred professional players, collegiate and high school players, and international teams who have visited and played in the court.


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