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Healthy Looking Lips With EOS Lip Balm

When EOS lip balm was launched into the market, there was barely a variety of brands to choose from. In fact, most stores sold one type of lip balm, Chapstick. Contained in cylindrical packages that looked like syringes, Chapstick was often found in drug stores. It took a consumer several hours to identify a favorite brand because even then, the lip balm has only two flavors. This was a bit discouraging as the flavors were relatively conservative. ESO made a tremendous entry into the industry of oral care and a few weeks into the launch, celebrities were spotted applying the lip balm in public. Here is why EOS lip balm gained a huge market share and an added competitive advantage in the busy industry:


The flavors of ESO Lip Balm

EOS comes in various flavors. Unlike the Chapstick brand, this is a new era of production that harbors favorable flavors. To most users, EOS has been what is missing in their oral care regimen. EOS lip balm offers you smooth, delightful lips coupled with natural taste.


Organic lip balm containing passion fruit

Organic EOS lip balm comes in the most natural form with the flavor packed with rich vitamins and soothing shea butter. This lip balm flavor is as natural as the ingredients used to manufacture it. Expect healthy lips at the end of it.


Organic ESO containing Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor is hypoallergenic, an aspect that is dermatologist tested. Coupled with rich vitamins and minerals, this flavor harbors chemical-free ingredients that make it safe for the lips. Aside from that, it is free from paraben and lead, ingredients that the darken lips, see also here on


Vegan flavor

EOS Vegan Flavor is paraben-free. It is one of the preferred flavors in this brand of lip balm. The lip balm comes in a beautiful container as well. For most users, this lip balm does the magic. Hop over here to see the magic.


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