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Harry Harrison Barclays

What temperament do you think makes a studious leader and an excellent academic who founded and steers the Athens group? I know you did not just think of either funny or soccer-crazed. Well, the former leader at Barclays Non-core worked in London for close to three decades of learning, serving, leading and growing in the financial services sector. He is a New Yorker now, but he is a staunch supporter of West Ham United. He publicly roots for them. According to him, he believes in them more than they believe in themselves. As a former student of the University of Warwick, where he studied Economics at an undergraduate level, this financial expert served Barclays as derivatives trader exceptionally and rose through the ranks. As a former student of the University of Cambridge, where he earned his Master of Philosophy degree, Harry Harrison helped Barclays Non-core to unwind some unprofitable business that was worth 110 billion dollars. After earning the highly coveted academic status and successfully handling the situation his job, Harry took a long break to know his children and consult at large.

Harry is an eager family man because he is always looking for chances to grow with his wife and kids. He is also a typical East Londoner who is fascinated with football. He is a jolly fellow who socializes with people. He is always seeking to learn. That is why he is very humble. His guiding principles are humility, diversity and collaboration. He actually attributes his success to the humility to accept ideas that beat yours and the wisdom to embrace people’s diversity for its robust talent and information. For a guy who enjoys robust success in rendering financial services, Harry is pretty much likable. He is the president of Anthemis Group: an investment advisory firm that offers the best digital financial services in the industry.

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