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Haroldo Jacobovicz Takes After His Parents To Study Civil Engineering, Found Horizons Telecom

Like any other young man, Haroldo Jacobovicz had dreams. With each passing day, the Brazilian would fathom many things. Often times in his young mind, Haroldo Jacobovicz would dream seeing himself grow up to become a renowned civil engineer taking up from his mother and father. True to his dreams, Haroldo is now one of Brazilian accomplished civil engineers who have specialized in IT to deliver the transformative power of technology to the people of Brazil. In the right time in his life, Haroldo started attending civil engineering and IT classes from a local university.

Upon graduation, the country’s newest civil engineer founded Horizons Telecom, a service company that uses 100% fiber optic connectivity to run its business and those of its clients. Thanks to the use of technology, Horizons Telecom, Haroldo’s maiden company, is now regarded one of the major IT companies in the whole country with over 3 million clients. The firm has among other things, high-end equipment, the best and perhaps multi-talented human resource, and enjoys a wide range of its increasing clientele. Ten years after starting his first company, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded his second company. Horizons Datacenter, which works as Horizons Telecom annex was founded in 2020. When asked why he chose to start a second company in line with the first one, Haroldo’s answer was simple and more

“The purpose of the Datacenter is to enhance cloud capabilities as well as fiber optic connectivity by bringing services even closer to our clients. Now, more than any other time in history we want to ensure our clients are able to carry out their businesses from the comfort of their couches,” Haroldo Jacobovicz. Although Horizons Datacenter is regarded a second company, it came much later after Haroldo started another company, e-Governe Group. Each of Haroldo’s firms serve a particular function, all aimed at making the client comfortable.

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