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Haroldo Jacobovicz: Civil Engineer, Businessman and Brazilian Investor

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Civil Engineer, Businessman and Brazilian Investor in Curitiba, Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz has been at the forefront of infrastructure development and management, particularly concerning roads in Curitiba, which has resulted in the city having one of the world’s lowest levels of traffic congestion.

1. Arlequim Technologies

The use of digital devices has been growing exponentially. Computer technology has permeated every area of life in modern society. This has meant an ever-increasing number from which PC users can choose. Current computer owners are so familiar with using a PC that they don’t think about the design of their PC. A modern PC often has other accessories that come with it, and these accessories interact with the computer in various ways. This requires the user to remember even more commands and make decisions on how to use the computer in a way that is only sometimes obvious.

2. Accelerated Scanning

People are always looking for the fastest way to complete their tasks. An important part of the use of PCs is opening documents. This requires a lot of time and even more attention from users, who must remember their passwords and other security phrases to open files stored in the computer’s memory. If there is a school assignment, teachers have already specified a password or security phrase which students must remember. Once they enter it, they can start writing an assignment with only a limited time and more

3. Paradigm Break

PC usage has become a significant aspect of modern life for its users and the individuals who design and create them. The first concept is that it can be a little slow. Instead, the system must be user-friendly for people who use PCs regularly. So, it can do its assigned tasks effectively but without the need to work quickly because it will not be the computer that limits users’ productivity. The second key concept proposed by Arlequim is the concept of security, which is based on the principle that computers have become a large part of daily life and society.

A significant shareholder in Arlequim Technologies, Haroldo Jacobovicz, envisions a computer enabling us to work more productively daily. Because its goal is to transform how we currently use computers from a basic tool to one that will become the ideal partner for people in the workplace and their leisure activities, this type of computer won’t be constrained by its speed or processing capacity.

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