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Happy Joe’s New Jalapeño Popper Pizza

Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor has been around for a while. They’re old-fashioned and don’t have flashy bells and whistles, but that’s not the point. They make the best damn pizza in town and do it with love. Joe knows what they’re doing and does it well. They only use organic ingredients. At Happy Joe´s, they have many locations throughout the city, with four in Temecula. The one I’m reviewing today is located on the edge of Temecula’s shopping district and is a fixture on the north side of town.

1. Happy Joe’s Just Unveiled Its Spicy New Jalapeño Popper Pizza

Happy Joe’s has  the latest trends and brand new menu. After seeing the huge success of their Jumbo Pizza and Long Island Pizza, which feature a spicy California-style sauce, the pizza parlor has decided to introduce another spicy pizza topping to the menu. The new Jalapeño Popper Pizza features a top layer of crushed jalapeños, freshly sliced tomatoes, and cheddar cheese with Happy Joe’s signature white sauce.

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2. Happy Joe’s is Poppin’ with a New Jalapeño Popper Pizza

Happy Joe’s is getting hot with its new Jalapeño Popper Pizza. The spicy pie is topped with jalapeño, tomato, and cheddar cheese, with a special sauce. The combination will surely make Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor a hit with those who love a little spice.

Everybody wins! So if you want a delicious pizza in Temecula, this is it! It’s not a gourmet Italian dish, but it’s the best deal in town, and they have yummy baked pasta and salad too. Happy Joe’s makes their dough and sauce. So go there on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to enjoy one of their daily specials or get one of their selections for lunch for delivery, and you will be satisfied.

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