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Handy- Stewarding the Cleaning Industry

Have you ever worked with a cleaning company that left you so disappointed you wished you had done the job yourself? We feel you. We know that many people often fell victims of scams. That is why we came into existence in the first place. We saw a gap left by sloppy cleaning companies and saw an opportunity to come help you achieve that sparkle you pay for. At Handy, we know just how frustrating it can be not to get excellence in exchange for your money. Thus, we maintain a diligent team that is highly motivated to giving your premises a shine never before achieved.

Our Services

Home Cleaning

Your home should at all times provide an environment for relaxation, somewhere that you come to get away from all the stresses of the day. Relaxing in your home might not be possible if your home is dirty, and, that is where we come in. we offer home cleaning services, leaving it spotless.

Office Cleaning

Cleanliness in offices is related to professionalism, meaning increased credibility for your business. Also, it means higher productivity as there are less distractions. So, why not let us take care of your cleanliness matters while concentrate on being successful at what you do.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

No one wants to be in a vacation home where they are to do all the cleaning. Therefore, for your vacation rental to sell highly, you have to get a cleaning service. If you own a vocational rental and are looking for a cleaning expert, then you are in the right place.

Our Service Booking Process

Our service booking process is designed such that it offers you maximum convenience. You do not have to waste time and money to come to us. We simply allow you to book through an easy online process. Upon booking the appointment, you will be guided on how to electronically pay for the service. Next, is for our cleaner to arrive at your premises, on the set date and time and ensure that it is left sparkling clean.

Why Choose Us?


Our maids are trained to uphold a high level of integrity while working. Thus, they maintain honesty and friendliness throughout.

Customer Satisfaction

With our money back guarantee, you can be assured of nothing short of excellence.


We are available 24 hours of everyday, should you need to make an appointment. Also, we offer next-day cleaning services.

Contact us today for professional cleaning services, with a money-back guarantee.


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