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Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez has worked in the marketing and adverting industry for over 35 years now. He has great skill in his field of work; Martinez has led several firms into making suitable marketing choices and has also helped them create suitable ads to sell their products.

Gustavo has held essential executive positions for huge firms such as the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide where he was the CEO and the McCann Worldgroup where he was the President. Gustavo Martinez answered a few questions on his work and day to day work.According to Gustavo Martinez consulting is a critical element in marketing; the two go hand in hand.

With the appropriate consultation services marketing can be a lot easier and fruitful. Consulting services provide solutions to the ongoing market problems enabling firms to quickly sell their products while taking into consideration what they should avoid and what customers want more. Gustavo also believes that business acceleration will play a significant role in the future of marketing.

Gustavo is coming up with a business plan that will ensure continuous running of a new establishment. His business plan is to provide advertising advice to such firms enabling them to be on the same page with consumers thus providing required products with the appropriate ads.Gustavo Martinez day start at 9 am and ends at 7 pm. Martinez spends his day attending meetings and obtaining new clients. He also travels a lot. Martinez describes himself as a workaholic since he spends a lot of time at work than he does at home. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh and Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr

Martinez believes in creativity as a way of coming up with new business strategies. He enhances creativity by providing a diverse working environment and allowing employees to work on projects that they feel comfortable working on. Gustavo Martinez motivates his employees to go an extra mile while supporting their ideas.

He also thinks that as a manager it is essential to congratulate employees once they accomplish important projects.Gustavo Martinez is excited to see the future of the internet in marketing and advertising.

The internet has played a considerable role in the growth of several industries across the globe. Currently creating an ad and presenting it to users is very simple. Users always get ads while going through specific pages on the internet which makes them aware of certain products easily.

The internet is also used as a marketing platform for many firms; if this is what the internet can do currently imagine a few years from now how it would have made a considerable mark in the marketing and advertising industry.

According to Martinez, it is vital for an entrepreneur to be attentive and make his/her clients feel comfortable and worthy. Martinez advice to developing entrepreneurs is to get mentorship for experienced people and be passionate about what they do.

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