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Gregory James And The National Steel Car Limited

Also known as Greg Aziz, Gregory J. Aziz was born and raised in Ontario and later in life joined his family’s business. The firm was involved with Affiliated Foods that was sold in wholesale, with its primary markets in Eastern Canada and the United States. The family enterprise got its foods from mainly Europe, Central America, and South America. Together with his wife, Irene, James Aziz is involved with an agricultural fair in Canada known as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Gregory studied at the Western University majoring in Economics and has shown many interesting skills like leadership, strategic planning, project management, and engineering among many others.

Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car Limited and serves for the National Industries, Inc. National Steel Car Limited is a group of car engineering and manufacturing companies situated in Ontario. He acquired the company in 1994 from Dofasco and made it the leading freight car manufacturer in North America. National Steel Car has not only grown manufacturing volume, but it has also created new job opportunities as compared to the time it was purchased. Being the only railroad freight car in North America, National Steel Car has been honored on several occasions like the TTX SECO, which is a re-known award that has recognized the organization since the year 1996. The company is ISO certified and has owned the honor for more than eighteen years.

National Steel Car has been committed to charitable activities especially in Hamilton by sponsoring the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius among other projects. According to Greg, the success of his company has been attributed to his team of employees who have always stuck to their purpose and core values, which are to manufacture the highest quality of cars and providing the most reliable customer delivery services. In return, their customers have been loyal, and the suppliers never disappoint. The company also has a habit of not settling for their past achievements and success; instead, it concentrates on pursuing new areas and ways to satisfy the diversified needs of the customers.

In an article in 2015, National Steel Car agreed with an announcement made by the Minister of Transport Lisa Ritt on the North American harmonized regulations about stronger and safer rail tank cars meant to carry flammable liquids. The report shed some light on safety regulations for the customers of National Steel Cars.



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