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Glenn Schlossberg Tells the Importance of Taking Frequent Breaks from Work

Working hard for an entrepreneur is an essential part of the business. It is through hard work that success can be achieved. Glenn Schlossberg, the CEO of Jump Design Group, is not left behind when it comes to hard work. He opened Jump Design Group when he was still in his twenties and dedicated a lot of time to ensure the success of the company.

According to, another thing that has made Glenn Schlossberg succeed is his knack to take extended breaks from work once in a while. It is during these breaks that Glenn comes up with the best ideas, which he then pitches to his colleagues back in the office. The vacations allow Glenn to clear his mind and find inspiration to create new ideas.

In Glenn’s line of business, taking long breaks may seem risky since the job comes with a lot of responsibility that requires frequent attention. Glenn Schlossberg believes that unlike in the 80s when working for longer hours was seen as a measure of success, times are now changing. Glenn was na├»ve at the beginning of his career and worked for long hours. He, however, knew that was not something he wanted to do throughout his career. Glenn got the idea of taking frequent breaks in work from a colleague at a convention. The colleague said that long breaks made entrepreneurs more productive, and Glenn Schlossberg decided to try it out. Since then, he has stuck to the routine because it bears fruits.

.The average workday starts at 9.AM and ends at 5.PM, but not many people stick to this regime. Many people tend to extend their working hours, which only results in exhaustion and stress. Stress harms creativity by slowing brain activity. For example, if a project was to take two weeks to complete, an overworked person will take much longer to complete the project due to exhaustion. Research has proven that taking breaks influences your productivity positively. For more than three decades, Glenn Schlossberg boosts his creativity and energy levels by taking frequent work vacations. His businesses are continually growing and thriving as a result of this. For more details you can visit

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