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Glen Wakeman Battles to Help Failing Businesses Stay Afloat

Glen Wakeman is the founder of the company LaunchPad Holdings (Instagram). As an entrepreneur, he has helped a number of businesses improve operations by improving things such as leadership, operations and also by encouraging innovation. Over the course of his career, Glen has provided a lot of valuable guidance to startup companies as well as helping them improve their overall performance on a consistent basis. With his years of experience, Glen has proven to be a very valuable member of any business management team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a MBA in finance. Wakeman has served as President, chief executive and as a member of the board of directors at his most recent companies.

When looking to start up LaunchPad Holdings, Glen decided to found the business due to his interest in matching business ideas with capital ( Wakeman says that a number of his ideas come from a number of startups that have a considerable amount of potential. Glen decided to get into his business in order to help ensure that good business ideas have the financial backing they need in order to become successful companies.

In a typical day, Glen will go over information such as numerical data about certain businesses he is interested in backing. Wakeman goes over things such as sales data and income and asset cash totals. After reviewing information, Glen will then talk to his partners in a conference call in order to organize sales meetings, revise designs and managerial administrative tasks. He will also pay business bills as well. Wakeman then spends his time researching a number of things such as customer trends and respond to communication, and evaluating the competition.

One of the new trends that is intriguing Glen is the application of machine learning to solve a number of business problems. With machine learning, businesses can generate new improvements on things such as making decisions, getting things done faster and also improving overall quality. According to Glen, these new solutions are going to benefit businesses very much in the near future. The only concern that Glen has is the potential loss of privacy. However he is optimistic that technological advancements will help ensure privacy with improved security.


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