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Gino Pozzo, The European Football Club Owner, Who’s Changing The Game.

Gino Pozzo, sports club owner, is passionate about European football. Gino is known for transforming lower-division football clubs and turning them into top contenders for their respective countries.

Gino’s father, Gianpaolo, had a wood working and tool making business that was sold to acquire the Udinese football club, in their hometown in Italy. The Pozzo family is known around the world for the Udinese club’s rise to fame, under the Pozzo’s ownership.

The initial purchase of the Ubinese Club, was to give back and help boosts the moral of the local community, during a low financial period for the club. Gino admits that the purchase started as a passion project, but soon become the focus for the entire family. The family gave their time and money to turn the club around to make it into the sports club they are today.

Gino is thought to be the mastermind in the family who takes on major projects of failing sports clubs and turns them around. He turned the Udinese club around once he came on board in 1993 and in 2009 he was the driving force for the family to acquire Granada F.C. After two years, Granada rose from a lower division club to the Primera Liga.

Gino found success once again, after purchasing the struggling, Watford club in England. Gino’s family moved from Spain to London to give the Watford club their time and attention. Four years later, the team was competing at the highest level. In 2015, all three of the Pozzo’s clubs were competing for their respective country.

Gino Pozzo remains to have success with his clubs, by staying involved and knowing the ins and outs of the daily operations. He also stays up-to-date on players and their daily training to allow for appropriate trades that have, and will continue to make, the Pozzo’s clubs a success.

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