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Gino Pozzo, Legal Owner of Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo owns Watford Football Club, the most successful club in England. He bought the club in 2012 when it was struggling on the verge of relegation to get them back up and running. Since his purchase, Watford has been a very successful club for Pozzo and the Pozzo family.

Gino Pozzo is one of the richest people in Switzerland, with an estimated net worth of $14 billion. He is also one of the most powerful men in football due to his ownership of Udinese and Watford FC, where he has achieved great success since buying them.

Previously Gino Pozzo owned most of AS Udinese Calcio. This Italian club was bought for about £ 4.5 million in 2007 and then immediately sold for a profit to another Italian club because Pozzo thought that the club would not be able to compete on the European Football stage anymore. He then started a venture in English football by buying Watford FC from Laurence Bassini in 2012.

His ownership of Watford has brought three promotions in the last four years, including one into the Premier League, where they currently play their games. Watford Football Club has also played in Europe’s big competitions, including the Europa and Champions League. With Watford FC’s third consecutive promotion, they will play in Europe for the fourth year.

In addition to his ownership of Watford FC, Pozzo owns 50% of Udinese Calcio and Granada CF in Spain. He bought Granada CF for €3 million in 2014. Recently, Gino Pozzo has been caught up in some trouble with the Football Association after being accused of not having enough control over his son Dino Pozzo, vice-president of Udinese Calcio and Granada CF. According to a recent study by the CIES Football Observatory, Pozzo is one of the most active and versatile owners in football. Refer to this article for additional information.


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