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Getting Up Close and Personal with Bruce Bent

Bruce Bent is one of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs that we have today. He is currently in charge of Double Rock, a company that has been around for four decades. The company concerns itself with providing alternative investments for average people so that they can manage to make a difference in their lives, whereas generally, the money would be benefiting the banks and the wealthy. The company has grown from the humble beginnings to one of the biggest in the industry and currently, they hold over 60 patents for financial services. Bruce is the son of the founder of Double Rock.

Before he started working with Double Rock, Bruce was working with the Reserve. The reserve was the largest provider of money to the money markets. After the 2008 economic downturn, he oversaw the liquidation and successful sale of some of the assets of the New York based reserve. He has a lot of experience in business management and his track record as an innovator has been proven. Bruce Bent gave an interview to Idea mensch about his life, career, and success.

When asked about the idea to name the company double rock, he stated that it was his father and his partner who came up with the name. The duo felt that the name was an appropriate title especially because of their purpose, which was to help the common man achieve some financial security. The company has since grown into a multi-million business entity and are managing assets that amount to more than $130 billion.

When asked about the things which he likes about his job, he stated that the first thing he likes about the job is the ability to help people improve their situation. He confided that the capacity to move around and help his customers and the fact that he can communicate with them regardless of where they are makes his day full of purpose.

When asked about how they bring ideas to life, he stated that teamwork is the secret. He added that while it may take a single person to come up with an idea, it is only through teamwork that the idea can be realized. His success is an indicator that he is one business leader to watch.

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