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Get The Best Wines For The Holidays From UK Vintners

UK Vintners is an independent wine merchant. It specializes in the acquisition and the sale of the finest wines in the world. It works as a stand-alone wine company. It collaborates with a broad network of merchants, wine brokers, and traders to source the most famous fine wines in the world. The company provides brokerage services for people who need to sell investment grade wine that is held in a regulated bond in the UK.

UK Vintners is able to select the best wine or champagne that can be used for any occasion through their dedicated team of excellent wine consultants. The company ensures that they give their clients advice on the best wines for the particular time they want the wine. UK Vintners recently made an announcement about the best wines that they had selected for the holiday season of 2016.

The company says that the skilled wine consultants of the company were able to come up with the best wines that people can use during the 2016 holidays. The wines selected include the following:

  • Beychevelle from 20008: This is a fruity wine that is soft and is made with hints of cranberry and raspberry. This wine originates from Saint-Julien with the consumption intended to be within 15 years after the first bottling.
  • D’Yquem 2009: This wine is perfect when it comes to pairing with any dessert for Christmas. It is made with hints of honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears, and other several spices. It is a white wine. It has its origins from the Chateau D’Yquem Winery that is situated in Graves, France. The winery has been in existence and has made wine for more than 400 years.
  • Montrose 1998: This wine is an excellent option for any holiday, whether it’s the Eve of New Year or Christmas itself. It is termed as one of St.-Estephe region’s best wines and has the aromas of black cherry, plum, and earth. The wine mostly contains Merlot grapes. It is termed as a people’s favorite.
  • Ducru Beaucaillou: This comes as another excellent wine option for the holidays. The Ducru Beaucaillou Winery is known as one of oldest wineries in the region of Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, France. A bottle that was made in 2005 is now considered to have matured well. It has a dark purple color with an aged flavor.
  • Pichon Baron 1998: This wine is deemed to be at the peak of its maturity. It is ready for people to enjoy it this 2016 holiday. It contains hints of black currants, charcoal, and sweet toasty oak. It has little acid. It is blended with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The wine is medium bodied. It originates from the region of Pauillac, Bordeaux, France.

Those are the best wines you can purchase for this holiday season. You can now go ahead and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You are assured of a good experience that will make your holidays memorable whether you take the wine as a drink or an accompaniment of a desert.

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