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Georgette Mulheir is Calling the World to Act on the Political Crisis Befalling Haiti

Georgette Mulheir is advocating for action to restore the glory, peace, and democracy in Haiti. Haiti has become a land full of human rights violations with multiple cases of police brutality. The world has a role to play in making sure that the political aspects of the countries that are getting out of control are professionally addressed and global leaders and activists such as Georgette Mulheir help them in this concern.  That is why the United Nations has always been very committed to making sure that anything that has been getting out of control in most of these countries is professionally handled to prevent some of the bloodbaths that have been witnessed in most of the countries that have faced a political crisis.

The problem is that the bodies that are responsible for addressing such issues seem to be very biased. They are only very active when most of the African countries have been faced with political issues. Such bodies will go to the extent of overthrowing some of the governments and presidents who have remained in power without any hesitation. However, they will not practice such aggressiveness as in Haiti when it comes to other countries. The situation that is currently in Haiti is a clear illustration that such powers are no longer interested in bringing order into the world and human rights defendants across the world such as Georgette Mulheir are concerned about this situation. This is the main reason why the situation has gone out of control with very little or no attention. 

The fact that Haiti is close to the United States and the country has maintained silence during this period and focusing its attention on other issues is a clear illustration that the leading country in the world today does not have any stakes in the country. Haiti has a president who has delayed presidential elections. This means that he is currently in the office illegally. However, the parliament that would have reigned on him to conduct the presidential elections has already been dissolved. This means that President Jovenel Moise has unmatched powers, and he can easily do what he wishes without any control. At a time when the world has remained silent about the political crisis in Haiti, Georgette Mulheir seems to have been the only voice of reason. He has been calling out the powers that be to make sure that they are intervening in the political situation in one of the poorest countries in the world today and avoid the crisis that will befall it in the years to come.

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