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Genucel Subsidiary Chamonix Helps Domestic Violence Victims Recover

The effects of abuse include self-violence, lack of self-esteem and feeling worthless. Self-violence does not have to be physical it can be degrading thoughts about yourself. Increasing self-worth is important after abuse which makes finding tangible ways to increase self-esteem vital. Self-care routines are being recommended by professionals and survivors, they all differ.

Types of Self Care:

*Self-affirmations – reminding yourself you are loved, beautiful, and worthy. Survivors don’t usually believe it at first but in time they will begin to change their personal outlook even after emotional or physical trauma.

*Creative expression- art or dance are ways to channel negative energy into something that allows you to creatively express yourself

*Healthy body- self-worth can be increased with exercise and proper hygiene. Abuse survivors will heal better focusing on positive body image and personal wellness. The abuser will degrade them which makes this type of self care the most beneficial. The Chamonix subsidiary, Genucel, gives both women and children that have been in abusive situations Women Aware bags that contain Genucel products and toiletries.

Support from the Community

The nonprofit, Woman Aware supports battered families in the Middlesex, New Jersey area where it is based. Up to 25% of women and almost 1 in 7 men in the United States have experienced some form of domestic abuse. New Jersey’s domestic violence rates are among the nation’s most significant.

Domestic Violence in New Jersey

There is an incident of domestic violence nearly every 7 minutes in New Jersey. Emotional and physical abuse happens to all genders but women experience abuse from domestic partners at a higher rate. The need for care that is specific to women is significant when it comes to domestic violence because of this.

Women Aware Facts

New Jersey women and families have been provided food and a recovery program from Woman Aware since 1981. According to, there is emergency shelter, hotlines and educational programs for recovery provided to residents of Middlesex County when they are in need. Those who have been abused need support and Genucel is providing it.


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