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Gary McGaghey

According to Gary McGaghey, cash improvement is a strategic process that businesses use to improve their cash flow. The goal of cash improvement is to increase the amount of cash coming into the business while decreasing the amount of cash going out. This can be accomplished through various means, such as increasing sales, reducing expenses, or improving inventory management.

Businesses can use many different cash improvement strategies, but only some will work for some businesses. It’s important to carefully consider your options and select the strategy or strategies that are most likely to work for your particular business. Some common cash improvement strategies include:

• Increasing sales: This can be done through various means, such as marketing campaigns, price discounts, or new product offerings.

• Reducing expenses: Identifying areas where you can cut costs can help free up more cash for other purposes. Possible expense reduction strategies include negotiating better rates with suppliers, streamlining operations, or cutting unnecessary costs.

• Improving inventory management: Careful management of inventory levels can help reduce the amount of money tied up in stock, freeing up more cash for other uses. Possible inventory management strategies include just-in-time delivery, vendor-managed inventory, or consignment arrangements.

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The different types of cash improvement strategies

There are various types of cash improvement strategies that businesses can use. One is to offer discounts for early payment. This encourages customers to pay their invoices sooner, giving the business more cash. Another strategy is to offer financing options to customers. This allows them to pay for their purchase over time rather than all at once. Businesses can also extend credit terms to their suppliers, which gives them more time to pay their bills. Lastly, businesses can use factoring to get paid for their invoices immediately rather than waiting for their customers to pay them.

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