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Gary McGaghey on What Makes a Great CFO

The recent pandemic has brought numerous disruptions across various sectors. Companies have had to show their purpose to investors and their clients as well. In 2021, consumers and investors are looking for companies that can offer more. A company with a purpose has a higher chance of attracting new talent and retaining current employees.

Also, the pandemic has led to the development of hybrid work. CFOs have now shifted their focus on making this transition easy for their employees while ensuring maximum efficiency for the company. CFOs have to come up with unique strategies and values that will place them ahead of their competition.

Another important focus for CFOs is digital transformation. CFOs are now looking to invest in data analytics, cloud, and customer transformation. Investing in digital transformation will help CFOs deliver quality services to clients and places them in a better position to handle any future unprecedented changes.

Gary McGaghey, CFO at Williams Lea Tag, is a renowned CFO with tons of experience in the industry. He has worked with numerous companies such as Unilever and Robertsons. He has a good academic background, having attended the prestigious University of Natal. Gary likes to plan his day carefully at the start of the day. He exercises before heading to work.

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Gary McGaghey believes in teamwork and collaboration. He encourages his team to brainstorm together to come up with valuable ideas. In addition, Gary notes that collaboration helps a company make informed decisions that help them formulate strategies to overcome unforeseen circumstances.

Gary attributes his success to networking. He highlights that working with a great team is one way to bring success your way. He advises young entrepreneurs to surround themselves with great people from whom they can learn great things. Also, he notes that it is important to be fast. When you make a mistake, do not give up. Learn from it and make the necessary changes.

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