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From Touring The Continent To Spearheading Companies, The Story Of Greg Blatt

Telluride is “a great location to walk,” according to Antonya Nelson, a short fiction author. Unfortunately, wandering has become somewhat of a lost art in today’s rapidly changing digital society.

The digital era has come with an unrelenting concentration on productivity, and the thought of wandering without a reason or direction is seldom if ever, considered by many of us. However, the majestic peaks of the western San Juan Mountains envelop the tiny Colorado hamlet inside them, enticing even the busiest thoughts to stop seeking and enjoy life.

Greg Blatt, a software entrepreneur who first toured Telluride in his twenties, can attest to this. Blatt had just completed his college degree but was unclear of his future steps in life, so he chose to travel across the world for several years to sort it out. Greg Blatt travelled the world, stopping in cities such as Budapest, Hungary, Reims, France, and San Francisco, California, before landing in Telluride for what he assumed would be simply another detour on his journey.

Instead, he instantly became infatuated with the town’s remarkable combination of adventure and calm, and he settled in. Blatt lapped up all that the city had to provide, from several events to superb skiing, while residing out of a tent and earning a wage bartending and doing menial tasks like painting.

Despite his love for the place, Blatt was youthful and adventurous. Greg Blatt enrolled at Columbia Law School on a hunch, and when he was admitted, he realized his infatuation with Telluride would have to stop for the moment.

After his graduation, Blatt achieved a lot, from being the senior deputy president, business operations to being the General Counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He has also worked as the president and director of Match Group and the Director of Tinder. In addition, he formerly worked as the head of IAC.

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