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FreedomPop: A Phone Plan For Free

The company known as FreedomPop has unrolled an interesting proposition. How would you like to not have to pay for the phone service that you have? Sounds too good to be true, but that is actually what they are offering those who use their service. It works by charging those who use over a certain set amount of texts, data, and phone calls during a month.

The company has bought the data from other mobile phone service providers at a good price and has turned around and sold it to others at no cost. This has attracted many to join the company and switch away from the mobile carrier that they currently use. It is a system that enables FreedomPop to expand its customer base quite quickly, and it appears to be working for the most part.

The company is excited to offer these plans to customers who seem equally excited to get to take advantage of them. As long as one is a light phone user, they can actually get away with no paying anything for their service each and every month. It is just a matter of staying below the set limits that FreedomPop has put into place for its customers.

For those who need a little more flexibility in their plans, FreedomPop offers a variety of services that they charge minimal amounts for. I saw on Engadget that FreedomPop can let international callers get a plan that covers them to make those types of calls for very little money per month. These extra little plans are where FreedomPop makes a lot of its money, but the customer is not obligated in any way to pay for any of these services.

FreedomPop has opened up the cell phone market to those without huge amounts of money to spend on their phone bill each month. It means that the middle and lower income individuals are able to have the cell phone service they require without all of the extra bells and whistles that can get so expensive. Most appreciate this fact very much and want to check out more about this fascinating company. Who would blame them?

FreedomPop is available near you and you should give them a try. At the very least you are taking no risk in trying to get a free cell phone bill each month. There is no point in paying up for something that you can just as easily get with no out of pocket cost to you.

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