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Freedom Checks: Many Expecting Hughe Payouts

You may have seen in recent media articles the discussion about Freedom checks. You might have even caught a glimpse of Matt Badiali’s ad where he held a check in the amount of $114,287. This check is similar to a government tax refund. Some viewing this ad might think it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. Unfortunately Freedom checks are real and legit. As a financial analyst with a deep background in geology, Matt Badiali has taken the time to study and understand the oil industry. His desire to find out more and how companies are processing, and storing oil and gas has taken him two areas such as Switzerland, Hong Kong, turkey, and Iraq, to name a few. He took his time talking with many CEOs to learn about company’s operations. This way he always understood how the source of investing in oil and gas became a huge investment opportunity.

Freedom checks has drawn the interest from investors all over the country. The opportunity is kind of like multi-level marketing which often times can separate investors from their hard-earned money. However, many have taken the time to set up investments and buy shares within Master Limited Partnerships known as MLPs. Congress approved legislation in 1981 where it allowed business partnerships to be treated like publicly traded limited partnerships when it came to the market. Investors are not taxed under investment. The MLPs originally had no regulation until statue 26-F. The investment opportunity took off with investors were nearly 568 companies are now distributing Freedom checks to list of investors. They are sitting back and enjoying a regular monthly or quarterly payment to their brokerage account or in physical checks. Matt Badiali states that they can be looked at as stock dividend checks. However, they’re really about capital instead of income, which allows investors to take them in on a tax-free basis.

Matt Badiali personal success came when he bought gold mining stocks at $0.06 a share. It was two years later when that same stock kicked up to $2.64 a share. Matt Badiali knew he had to introduce Freedom checks too many unaware investors.

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