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For Effective Results, Marketing Expert Steve Lesnard Recommends Keeping Things Simple

In the technology-driven world in which we live, many long-established practices and traditions have been replaced with more modern ways of doing things.

This changing of methods is also something that applies to the marketing of different types of products, says marketing and consumer expert Steve Lesnard in a recent article on the Medium website.

The new choices that online and social outlets are providing in the field of marketing can be quite beneficial, says Mr. Lesnard. These same choices, however, can end up being harmful to a marketing campaign, if they are not utilized correctly.

One principle that Steve Lesnard recommends following when marketing a product is to keep things simple. By keeping things simple, marketing teams are more able to focus on the features of the product that are the most important and relevant to consumers.

Mr. Lesnard states that Apple repeatedly shows that it understands how important simplicity is when marketing a product. From a portable music campaign for its iPod, to its emphasis on safety with its watch, Apple knows how to effectively reach consumers.

The Peleton fitness products company is another organization that is recognized by Steve Lesnard for its effective use of simple marketing techniques. The company chose to focus on bringing the feel of a New York City fitness studio to consumers, in place of promoting the actual products.

An interesting point that Steve Lesnard makes in the Medium article is that some of the tools that are available today to enhance the overall digital experience provide great opportunities for marketing products.

When a product is marketed online, the use of consumer testimony or comments, videos that appropriately feature the product, and space where the product’s best points can be presented are very useful.

For marketing professionals, Steve Lesnard recommends that they spotlight the consumer benefits of the products they are marketing. Additionally, this marketing pro recommends finding the most creative ways to promote a product, and utilizing good brand ambassadors.

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