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Football Ownership In Europe – Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is a household name in the England football sector. Pozzo is an Italian born in a football-loving family. His father bought the Udinese football club in Italy, while his mother was related to the club’s former president. Since Gino began supporting football clubs, he has been responsible for lifting the low-performing football clubs worldwide and helping them raise. Gino is the owner of Watford, a football club in England.

After high school, Gino Pozzo got a chance to study in America. After his graduation, Pozzo married, and they moved to Spain with his wife. For over 20 years, Gino Pozzo and his family lived in Spain previously relocating to British capital. While in London, Gino got more involved in football. The Pozzo family were business people while living in Italy. They were involved in the carpentry business.

They bought a football club in the country with the profits from the investment. For an extended time, they concentrated on the woodwork business until they acquired the football club. Presently, the Pozzo’s concentrates on a wide range of companies in Spain, including dealing with electronic appliances, real estate, and properties, among many others. The family is recognized for its efforts to work on Udinese Calcio Football Club; since its rise, the family has gained fame in the country.

Gino Pozzo mentioned that sports is the family’s primary business, and they are passionate about what they do. The family’s involvement in the sports sector is breaking new ground, giving Gino a name as England’s most forward-thinking club owner. Conferring to Gino, sports game for the family began as a passion before becoming a business. In 2012, Gino bought Watford involved in community activities and wanted to offer a helping hand to the football club. Gino Pozzo continues to be the most respected football club owner in Europe. See this page to learn more.

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