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Football Club Owner – Gino Pozzo

Football is a business that brings a good quantity of revenue. Individuals who were acquiring football clubs were doing it for sympathy reasons. However, purchasing the football club has become a business, and those who bought the football clubs for sympathy reasons are now reaping from the clubs. Gino Pozzo is among the leading football club owners doing good business in the industry. Gino is one of the most respected persons in the sports sector and especially football. In Europe, Gino Pozzo is named the best leader in the industry.

Gino Pozzo was born and raised in Italy; he was born in a football-loving family; his parents loved the game and even owned one of the football clubs in the country, Udinese. Apart from being in the football club business and ownership, the Pozzo family was also known for their humanitarian activities in the community. The Pozzo’s were also involved in business and purchased the football club from the business profits.

After completing high school, Gino was lucky to be sent to the United States to further his education. He returned home but was not interested in doing the family business. He went to the United Kingdom and found a new life in the sports industry there. Gino wanted to invest in sports because he realized there was good revenue. When he was in the United Kingdom, he met his wife, Catalan, and they moved to Barcelona; there, he made a firm decision in the sports sector. Grenada was the football club that Gino purchased in Barcelona. When Gino acquired Grenada, it could have done better financially as well as in the field. See this page for related information.

Gino Pozzo decided to move back to the United Kingdom when he acquired Watford Football Club. Gino is described as the best leader that Watford has ever had. When Gino acquired Watford, he told the media that he was looking forward to a bright future for the football club.

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